About Us

Environmental Biotech is the UK arm of Environmental Biotech International (EBI).

EBI has spent the last 20 years developing permanent solutions to the build-up of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG).

At its Research and Development plant based in Bradenton in Florida, EBI has been harnessing the power of live vegetative
bacteria to resolve prolific FOG problems and has become an internationally renowned wastewater and FOG specialist.

The result of this research has seen the development of a series of award winning technologies and products designed to
directly resolve drain line issues plaguing commercial kitchens internationally.

Operating throughout the UK with a blue-chip customer base, Environmental Biotech ensures that drain line waste associated
with fats, oils and grease is dramatically reduced, if not eradicated. Saving thousands of pounds in the process whilst increasing
company green credentials, the resulting wastewater is not only significantly cleaner, but is of a higher quality.

Facts About FOG



Environmental Biotech International confidently claims to be a leading education provider on wastewater issues.

EBI’s educational seminar, The Grease Summit, is now in its 18th year. The all-day programme takes participants through the
chemical and physical characteristics of FOG, through to pre-treatment technologies, design and engineering for separation
technology, maintenance considerations, and inspection protocols through to Governance.

The Grease Summit programme has been educating on FOG issues for many years throughout the United Kingdom, United
States of America, Australia, Mexico, and East Africa. Quite simply, Environmental Biotech’s ethos is that by furthering education
on FOG, businesses and authorities are better equipped to deal with the problem.


• The Environment Agency estimate 75% of sewer blockages are caused by a build-up of FOG

• By the Environment Agency’s reckoning, sewer blockages account for over 100,000 environmental incidents each year

• According to Anglian Water, FOG costs the UK water industry an estimated £15 million per year

• Anglian Water estimate that 10,000 tonnes of FOG enter their drainage system each year alone – reducing the sewer capacity by up to 10%

• Thames Water reported that in 2007/2008 over 60,500 confirmed sewer blockages were caused in part by FOG