GreaseBlast™’s multi-strained bacteria are specifically cultured for use in drain lines, and are proven to:


  • Constantly maintain free-flowing drains using a 'biofilm' forming bacterial action
  • Eliminate food related drain odours
  • Save on unnecessary reactive call-outs and drain maintenance
  • Help foodservice operatives meet tight legislative demands

Used by many businesses globally, Environmental Biotech’s GreaseBlast™ system is a cost-effective natural way to permanently free your drains from FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) that account for over 75% of drain blockages.

The wall-mounted GreaseBlast™ automatic drain dosing system routinely delivers non-toxic bacteria directly into the drain line or grease trap. The bacteria simply consume the drain-clogging FOG, turning it into H2O and CO2.