How safe is GreaseBlast to use in my commercial kitchen?

GreaseBlast is pure, contains no chemicals, no surfactants, no emulsifiers or added enzymes making it safe for disposal into all sanitary drainage lines. It is rigorously tested and although the strongest and most robust strains are harvested for optimum results, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive and is a naturally occurring bacteria which is completely safe for humans to handle. The bi-product of water and carbon dioxide meets water authority requirements and is environmentally friendly.

How cost-effective is GreaseBlast compared to other treatments?

The costs involved in installing a GreaseBlast system far outweigh the unwanted expenses involved with drain
maintenance, reactive call outs, regular flushing and rodding treatments, not to mention costly surcharges.

We are completely transparent when it comes to our costs and the price for individual units and bottles of grease
eradication solution (bacteria). Simply visit our online shop at www.environmentalbiotech.co.uk/UK_shop

Equally, we are happy to discuss bulk purchases for multiple sites. Please feel free to call us on
0844 335 8417
or email sales@environmentalbiotech.co.uk

How do I order replacement GreaseBlast Fluid?

Buying GreaseBlast could not be easier. Link to the GreaseBlast section of the Environmental Biotech shop, directly
from the GreaseBlast site or use this address: www.environmentalbiotech.co.uk/UK_shop and click on GreaseBlast

How long should a bottle of GreaseBlast fluid last?

How frequently the container will need changing will depend on the number of meals being prepared each day

More than 300 meals – dosing fluid is replaced every 14 days

Less than 300 meals – dosing fluid is replaced every 30 days

A simple fluid level display also shows the kitchen operator how much solution remains in the container and when it is close to requiring a replacement.

What are the handling and storage requirements for the fluid?

Answer Pending

How is the GreaseBlast unit powered?

No batteries or electrical input is required as gravity delivers the GreaseBlast liquid to the drain. With no water connection or power required, GreaseBlast can be fixed anywhere in a kitchen.

Where in my kitchen can the GreaseBlast unit be installed?

Saving on valuable floor space, GreaseBlast is wall mounted and very simple to install and operate. With no water
connection required, GreaseBlast can be fixed anywhere in a kitchen where FOG is an issue.

Can I use GreaseBlast instead of a Grease trap?

GreaseBlast can be used in conjunction with a grease trap, where it is dosed prior to the trap, or as a standalone
way of tackling the build-up of FOG.