Drainblast™ - The Product

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• Installation explained


Sugars from soft drink syrup will build-up and rapidly clog a drain line in a post mixer. Due to the size and location of the post mixer drainage line it is very difficult for these lines to be cleaned through mechanical processes such as jetting or routing.
These types of mechanical processes can also easily damage a drainage system, causing soft drinks dispensers to be inoperable.

Cleaning chemicals that are normally used to clean and sanitise post mixers do not break up or eliminate the blockages. Harsh chemicals often destroy the drain line or simply just move the problem further down the drainage system.

These sugar build-ups, which are also known as sugar snakes, produce a terrible odour which annoys customers and frustrates restaurant owners.

Equally, bar drains can present with the same problems with the added build-up of starch. A DrainBlast™ micro drip system can be installed under the bar area and this will help keep the bar drain clear of sugar build up and the associated smells that go with it.


Installation explained

Remove dispenser from box. Open plastic fitting bag and remove ¼” white tubing and slip nut from the bag. Then open the dispenser and remove the wall anchor kit and 500 ml plastic reservoir from the bag.

For units with a Screw on actuator:
• Pour Drain Blast into 500 ml reservoir
• Screw actuator onto 500 ml reservoir

For units with a fixed actuator:
• Remove white plug from top of 500ml reservoir
• Pour Drain Blast™ into hole, filling entire reservoir.
• Replace white plug
• Insert reservoir into dispenser by slipping actuator tube into gray fitting in dispenser • Insert (2) “c” cell batteries into dispenser

Simply choose from three different types of settings (as detailed in the intructions manual)